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Vild - House of Little: NEW STUDIO at Somerset House

Vild is rooted in Scandinavian principles of design which has established a vernacular for thoughtfully created garments for the next generation. And at the root of what we do is the hope to inspire change. It is a big part of the reason we chose Somerset House. 

Not only is the building by the Strand, overlooking the River Thames in the heart of London, it is also a space with an abundance of natural light to house VILD where we enjoy being part of a vibrant and diverse community. A community which comprises a progressive artistic spirit and (environmentally conscious) forward thinkers and creators. There is (head) space to think in the peaceful surrounds but we are rooted at the centre of innovation.

We admire Somerset House’s dedication to thoughtful exhibitions which are displayed in the Georgian quadrangle which have recently included an exploration of funghi, Es Devlin’s Forest of Change, which featured 400 trees and was a fusion of art and nature which hoped to inspire change and bring to life the solutions needed to achieve the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable development - objectives which we share, and that resonate with our core values.

Collaborations with celebrated artists are also key to Vild, House of Little collections. These partnerships are instrumental in creating clothes which are deeply considered, timeless and defy trends. 

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