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Who We Are


Inspired by the wilderness and the disruptive nature of a fresh human being.

We have aimed to be a category leader in certified sustainability and fabric innovation since inception.

Vild creates the hardest working pieces in a child’s wardrobe – unisex, cross-seasonal, functional and elevated Scandinavian design.

Always looking forward – we support women and children’s health, education and progressive collaborations.

Welcome to the Vild Family

Allison’s ambition is to stay creative and current in the new era of textiles – and inspire parents of future
generations – by creating products and projects that care for wild children, and our world in equal measure.

‘Vild’ is Swedish for ‘wild’. Defined by the dictionary as uncivilised, savage and untamed, the word can be used to describe stormy oceans, certain kinds of strawberries and, as many new parents can attest, a fresh human bursting into the world.

We design garments that resonate with the Scandinavian concept of design: form and function in equilibrium to create
utilitarian, beautiful pieces.

A strong core collection built on refined simplicity, Scandinavian artist collaborations and statement pieces that use the natural world as a powerful source of inspiration.

The Vild core team is an organic family of individuals who have strong ties to Scandinavia, and also live abroad as global citizens.

Our values are aligned with the basis of the Scandinavian (work) culture - Preserving the environment and natural resources - supporting sustainable growth and development - progressive ways of thinking, creativity and innovation - openness and transparency - respect, equality and trust.

The Vild collection is rooted in the belief that a beautiful piece isn’t only a physical item, it’s an object with a front, back and side story.

Our garments are ethically made in Europe and Fairtrade factories in India from eco-friendly materials.

Everything we do at Vild is highly considered: we take the time to source from a varied fibre basket, we are endlessly curious about fabric innovation, sustainable sizing and exploring trans-seasonal qualities and the life span of a product.

We only use plant, mineral and eco dyes or otherwise made from non-edible agricultural or herbal industries’ waste such as leaves and shells.

All our clothes are made from the highest quality, conscious materials that care for delicate baby skin and our world in equal measure.

The objective to continually improve the development process at each stage, is at the core of Vild.

Building a work culture which celebrates meaningful relationships with suppliers and working with socially and economically challenged communities is also very important to us.  We remain committed to being responsible for the next generation.

The hardest working pieces in a child's wardrobe.

Our collection is available across seasons, is not produced based on fashion trends and is timeless.


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