About Vild – House of Little

'Vild' is Swedish for 'wild'. Defined by the dictionary as uncivilised, savage and untamed, the word can be used to describe furry creatures darting across overgrown fields, certain kinds of strawberries and, as many new parents can attest, a fresh human bursting into the world.

Vild - House of Little creates minimalist luxury basics catering to untamed beings from 0 to 5 years old.

To make one single, high-quality garment functioning as the hardest working piece in the wardrobe – that was the idea in the heads of the creative duo Allison Mitchell and Sofia Sköld. After having lived in New York and Scandinavia they found each other in London, where they set off to design a luxury t-shirt that not only could cope with frenzies of a small beast but also, once the small beast is less small, would be able to be passed down to a future sibling or friend.

With product innovation and sustainable solution hunting on the agenda, Vild - House of Little aims to grow into an international, multidisciplinary creative lab. Team working with non-profit organisations is incorporated into the core of the brand and the hope is to support many happy and healthy childhoods. The first charity collaboration is with mothers2mothers (m2m), an organisation fighting paediatric AIDS by training, employing and empowering mothers living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.

Although in a miniature format, the emphasis is on perfected tailoring and honest materials. The bodysuits, manufactured in Portugal, are made from bamboo yarn of the highest quality, spun and woven in Italy, resulting in a fabric that is breathable, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and incredibly soft. The garments resonate with the Scandinavian concept of design: form and function in equilibrium to create a utilitarian piece that is also beautiful. Enter a wardrobe hero with sturdy seams, no frills, for a tiny wild being.

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